You’re never not welcome…

It’s just a pace away, no more than a jaunt, really. You can’t wait to arrive, and when you do, you’re home. You’re comfortable, with people who know you, who love you, and whose arms are outstretched in your general direction. Bring a mate or two with you?  They’re welcome too. It won’t be long before you find yourself asking, “Did I arrive at The BAR or did The BAR arrive at me?”

This particular BAR has arrived.  And yes, it seemed as long for us as it did for you.  Maybe longer, because we knew it was coming, and because events that happened, and some that didn’t, got in the way - but here we are: The BAR!

I was recording an album - my first solo album, at the most excellent and well named House of Vibes in Highland Park, NJ. I brought in a bunch of songs - some I had written solo, most with others. On a break one day, stepping outside with Jimmy, I thought, out loud, mind you, “We ought to be a band.”

“Umm…I’m in a band. Two, actually. So is Kurt”.

“No, I mean us. What I mean is, look we’re recording this album. You and I co-wrote some songs. Kurt and I co-wrote some, too. Let’s be a band!”

The BAR was born! Babjak, Adlerman, Reil. So pull up a stool!  Here’s what you can expect to hear from The BAR:

It’s Just You (Adlerman)
They All Have Lives (Adlerman/Reil)
Don’t You Want to Get to Know Her Better (Adlerman/Babjak)
Winding Circumstance (Adlerman/Reil)
Firefly Girl (Sharp/Adlerman)

Summer of a Thousand Years (Reil-Adlerman/Reil)
Wrong for Right (Adlerman/Babjak)
The Dance (S.Adlerman/D.Adlerman)
We Dance Back (Pila-Adlerman/Babjak)
Katie’s Shoes (Adlerman/Babjak)
Desiree 5 (Adlerman)
Crying to the Wind (Adlerman/Babjak)
One I’d Miss (Adlerman/Babjak)


Jim Babjak: Lead Vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, percussion
Danny Adlerman: Lead Vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, percussion
Kurt Reil: Lead Vocals, backing vocals, drums, rhythm guitar, percussion

Special thanks to:

David Geltch: Trumpet (Crying to the Wind)
Ian Elmslie: piano (Winding Circumstance)
Mike Nattboy: Bass (They All Have Lives)
Hailey’s Harp and Pub, Metuchen, NJ (cover location)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kurt Reil at The House of Vibes, Highland Park, NJ. Engineered by Kurt with assistance from Danny.

Produced by The BAR.
Cover composite: Kim Adlerman

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