Humpty Dumpty book

Humpty Dumpty 
by Kin Eagle (aka Danny and Kim)

illustrated by Rob Gilbert 

To hear clip from accompanying song, go to CD Baby.
Reading level: Ages 4-8, 32 pages
Whispering Coyote/Charlesbridge (August 1999)
Hardcover ISBN: 1-58089-019-9 (currently unavailable)

Paperback ISBN: 1-58089-091-1 (currently unavailable)

Board Book ISBN: 1-58089-079-2 (currently unavailable)

Activity Guide (also includes activities for other books and music by Danny and Kim Adlerman): ADlerman-ACTIVITY_GUIDE-16.pdf

Follow this beloved childhood nursery rhyme character through adventure after adventure as he tries, in vain, to keep himself together! Fans of Kin Eagle's previous extended nursery rhymes (It's Raining, It's Pouring, Rub a Dub Dub, and Hey, Diddle Diddle), will again delight in this fun-filled tale!


"In traditional nursery rhyme fashion, Humpty falls off his wall—and has other adventures which are not totally successful. However, in the end, Humpty D. gets to snuggle with the person he loves best. Eagle has "extended" this familiar old story as he did previously with the three men in the tub and the cat and the fiddle. (Mental double-takes are par for the course when, for example, you see Humpty in the moat with a bunch of crocs and gators. Did that happen in the original?) The sing-song quality of the prose and soothing pastel illustrations give warmth to the story and encourage snuggling all around. Music and words for the rhyme are included".   —Children's Literature, Chris Gill


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